Siren Estates Industries, LLC

Raeford, North Carolina, 28376  USA

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S I R E N  E S T A T E S  F A R M S T E A D



Fresh Eggs from Coop to Table 

Siren Estates Farmstead is located in the Rockfish area of Raeford, North Carolina.  Our fresh eggs, are hand-gatehred from happy, cage-free, well-loved Buff Orpington hens.  We offer canned pickles & peppers, fresh herbs, & vegetables (when in season).



We believe in feeding our chickens the best food and giving them the best life to keep them healthy & producing amazing eggs.  Their diet consists of Kalmbach Feeds, our top choice for providing all natural, non-GMO, zero hormone & antibiotic free nutrition.  In additon we feed fresh vegetables & berries direct from our farmestead (when in season).  Our chickens are pasture raised & enjoy foraging on our national wildlife preserve.  We do not use pesticides in our pastures or on our farmstead.


NOTE: Our hand-gathered Eggs are unwashed to preserve freshness. ALWAYS STORE EGGS IN THEIR CARTON. THOROUGHLY WASH EGGS WITH WARM WATER BEFORE USE. They will stay fresh at least three weeks beyond the “gathered on date,” if kept refrigerated at or below 40°F. (To test for freshness: Submerge egg in 4" of water.  If the egg it sinks to the bottom & rests on its side it is very fresh. If the egg’s pointed end rests on the bottom it is perfect for hard boiling (it will peel easier than the fresher egg). If the egg floats with no part resting on the bottom, the egg should be discarded.



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